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Super heros, tooth fairies, Santa Claus, and the Boogie Man---- growing up in  small town Alabama, Joshua Moore believed in them all.  As a kid, Joshua was famous around town for putting on front yard talent shows where he was always the main attraction.  He would create the music, craft his on costumes, and put together, what he believed were, show stopping performances.  His siblings were constantly laughing, “That’s just Josh.”  His parents knew he was different…. always dreaming.  His voice had a natural vibe.   His melodies would wrap you up like cool autumn breezes, cozy slow winters, spring newness, and  long, lazy summer days. Currently, Joshua is committed to translating those melodies into a beautiful body of music with a global purpose.  His desire is to shine hope, love, and peace in the world. His music is his message. 


Joshua’s debut album,  The Many Faces of Joshua Moore  (due for release Summer 2018), promises to etch his musical genius into your soul,  with amazing original songs — 


“Peace,” invites the world to heal itself.  It is a prayer for peace that can heal all nations and people.  It is a timely and timeless song about movement  (it begins with each of us), and movements all over the world. 


“We The People – (A Revolution Song),”  is a powerful song about revolution of thought, power in unity, and the world's people truly claiming life, liberty, and happiness. 


Life, freedom, and happiness are  basic, fundamental human ideas desired by men, women, and children all over the world.  Some describe the Rohingya crises as the most urgent emergency challenging  the whole of humanity.  Stats reveal that "globally, one in every 122 humans is either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum."  [UNHCR]  And, in our own backyards, many feel "exiled" due to  sexism, racism, xenophobia, gun violence, bullying, etc.  “Rohingya, et al.”, is cry for all displaced people  (or any person)  anywhere being, or feeling, deprived of the very basic human rights to live life free and happy.  


“Home” gets inside of you, and sets up camp.  Is home a place?   Is it a space in time?  Is it a relationship?   Is it a feeling? You decide. “Home” will stick to your bones long after the last note, and its meaning is unique to you and what it inspires to resonate in you.


“Trading Places” reminds you of who you are at your center, at your core. Hauntingly naked and honest, it is an innocent return to self.


Some spend a lifetime searching for “it”.  That thing that gives life meaning.  That thing that makes life worth living.  “Destiny” takes you around the world to bring you back to the realization that destiny is within. 


“Live” is a song about release and relief.  What do you really control in your day to day?  All you can do is the best you can;  after that, “just let it go"!


“Dreaming”  is simply a song about love.


“Mud On Your Boots” is a good ole' knee slapping, barn raising, line-dancing country party song headed straight to Nashville.  Josh  calls it his international country love song.  Some say country is just the blues with a twang!   Yes, he embraces his country with a passion. There is more where this one came from.


Super heros, tooth fairies,  Santa, and the Boogie Man linger as fond memories from Joshua's childhood,  but Joshua’s music dream is very much alive, real, and ready for the world.  


"My desire is to create music with a global purpose, shining  lights of hope, love,  and peace in the midst of a seemingly daily onslaught of pain and evil  that is all too prevalent in the world.  The only thing I know for sure is that I was born to sing.  For me, singing is as natural as breathing.  I love it.  It is my purpose.  From my lips to the the world's ear. Love! "   JM

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